Monday, October 1, 2012

My Weekly Goals: 10/1 to 10/7

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My Weekly Goals: Oct 1st to Oct 7th

Last Week's Goals :

1. Get through AM & PM Routines - Use Daily Sheet
2. Set up & go to appt with urologist
3. Work full-time job (taking off from hair this week... well other than the boys cuts... must do theirs!) - I wound up taking the whole week off from my full time job too and I still haven't cut the boys hair {poor things - sigh... I may just have to pay for their cuts this time}
4. Take all meds like I'm supposed to - I forgot my antibiotic a few times but I never forgot the pain meds LOL
5. DRINK TONS OF WATER!!! I did pretty good with drinking water.. and cranberry juice! I could always use some improvement here though.

THIS WEEK'S GOALS:   I am still struggling with the kidney stones. I have multiple stones in both kidneys. I go tomorrow for ESWL to blast them up. So last week I didn't do much at all and I have about the same planned for this week. My oldest son fell Friday and broke his wrist so that adds a bit more to my schedule then last week. Poor thing, he's right handed and, of course, it is his right that is broken so we've had to help him out quite a bit with things. I'm waiting on the orthopedic to call me back for an appt to get his cast on.

1. Get through AM & PM Routines - Use Daily Sheet
2. Surgery on Tuesday for me
3. Work- playing it by "kidneys" lol
4. Take all meds like I'm supposed to
6. Get Ez's orthopedic appt set up & take him for cast
7. Boys haircuts
8. Plan October's budget
9. Plan Ez's birthday party - in just a few days I will be the mom of a teenager *sniff*

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