Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly Goals - 9/24 to 9/30

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My Weekly Goals: Sept. 24th to Sept. 30th

Last Week's Goals : (insert dramatic sigh here) The week before last I had a rough week and didn't get any of my goals done and this past week I also had a rough week and didn't get many done. I procrastinated on most things until the weekend which was a huge mistake as I woke up Saturday AM in severe pain and spent the morning in the ER discovering I have a new kidney stone. Not good. I got through my weekend responsibilities with the help of some pain meds but was not able to tackle anything else on the list.

* Plan & Have a date night with hubby- Hubby & I are so overdue for a date night. This Friday is pay day so I will be lining up a sitter for this Friday or Saturday night asap.
* Cut both boys' hair - Oh dear I really MUST do this this week... they're turning into little Chia pets lol
* Plan & Have a weekly family night- Not a "typical" family night per se but we did have a couple of great nights together as a family this week.
* Start a new book to read to all the kids before bed each night - We decided as a family to have the kids each pick some stories from the Bible that they want to read and discuss together.
* Cleaning - declutter living room - this is a major disaster area right now
* Redo this months budget- Finished just in time to start October's LOL

* Get in at least 4 hrs of overtime- I was only able to get in 2 hrs of OT but hubby clocked in 12 OT
* Schedule hair clients for next week - done
* Plan blog posts for the next two weeks
* Write & Schedule full week of blog posts in advance

* Have daily Prayer & Bible reading time - I did manage some prayer & Bible reading almost every day
* Exercise at least 30 minutes daily - Nope but I did manage to walk quite a bit during my breaks at work so at least it's better than nothing.
* Get to gym at least twice this week for 1 hr session
* Fill out and use Daily Docket each day.- Switched to my daily sheet and loved using it each day.

THIS WEEK'S GOALS: My goals for this week are going to be very basic
1. Get through AM & PM Routines - Use Daily Sheet
2. Set up & go to appt with urologist
3. Work full-time job (taking off from hair this week... well other than the boys cuts... must do theirs!)
4. Take all meds like I'm supposed to

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