Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Life List

A few days ago I came across this website: The site is proclaimed as a social network for goal achievers. Members develop a "life list" (aka bucket list) which is basically a list of items they would like to do, places to go, etc. Members can then encourage each other to take action on their goals and celebrate with each other when they are accomplished. I decided I want to have my own life list. Instead of thinking about all of these things I would like to do "one day", I want to write them down and work towards them and what better place to keep track of them but on my blog? :o) So, without further ado, I present my Life List...

Lose 100 lbs (47 down as of 9/10/12) - and keep it off * See the Pyramids in Egypt * Become Debt Free - and stay that way * Buy A Home * Write A Book * Complete A Marathon * Walk On The Great Wall of China * See The Eiffel Tower (again... I went to Europe on a HS trip... I would love to share this experience with my husband) * See The Vatican in Rome (again - see previous) * Learn To Play The Violin * Go On A Cruise * Vacation On A Tropical Island * Visit Every State (see map below - I am only counting states I have done "something" in and not just drove through. I'm also not counting Utah, the state where I was born, because I don't remember it) * Learn To Speak Spanish * Go Skydiving * Go White Water Rafting * See The Grand Canyon * See Niagara Falls * Ride In A Hot Air Balloon * Take Dancing Lessons * Visit Ireland * Go to the Kentucky Derby... and wear a big hat * Ride On A Zipline * Take A Week To Do Many Random Acts of Kindness * Participate in NaNoWriMo * Read All 50 Books on This List * Pay for Someone's Meal At A Restaurant * Ride & Sleep Overnight on a Train * Ride in A Taxi * Ride on a Double Decker Bus * Get My Handgun Carry Permit * Renew Our Wedding Vows * Have a Flower Garden *

My "Visit Every State" Map

Resources for you to start your own Life List:
1000 Places To See Before You Die
Smithsonian's 43 Places To See
Superviva Life Lists

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