Sunday, September 2, 2012

Grilled Frozen Pizzas

Last night my husband fired up the charcoal grill and decided to try an experiment. He wanted to grill a pizza - which we have heard others rave about - but I didn't have the ingredients to make a fresh one. He told me to just grab one of the frozen ones we had in the freezer. I gave him a look and told him that you couldn't grill a frozen pizza to which he gave me a look back that said "watch me". LOL So I grabbed a Totino's pizza for him to toss on the grill.
He definitely proved me wrong. It was so much better on the grill than cooked in the oven! He placed it straight on the rack but if you don't appreciate a really crunchy crust like us, you would probably want to use a cookie sheet. I can't wait to try a real homemade one too. I am also excited that I have another meal that I can pass the responsibility of over to the hubbs :o)

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