Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apptastic - Waze

Image Source: iTunes

Between driving the kids to school, driving to work and back, and driving the kids to all their activities, I clock about 60 miles on the car each day! I am not a fan of my 30 - 45 minute commute to work but since I have found the Waze app it has made it a little better. The app relies on users speeds to determine traffic delays and each user has the option of putting in a report for accidents, hazards, construction, police and more. You earn points for driving, putting in reports and meeting different challenges (ex. Drive with Waze three days in a week or Have 5 Facebook Friends on Waze) to move up the ranks of Waze users in your area. Waze also has a feature that tells you the local prices of gas and will also do navigation for you when you put in the address you're headed to. I especially love that it has "learned" my driving habits so weekday  mornings when I turn on the app it will ask me if I'm driving to work and will start up the navigation giving me the quickest route around any traffic problems! I used to get stuck in standstill traffic at least once each week but not since using Waze! If this app would be helpful to you, you can download it for FREE on iTunes or Google Play.

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