Saturday, September 8, 2012

Apptastic - Evernote

Photo Credit: Evernote

One of my most used apps has to be Evernote. Their motto is "Remember Everything". As a busy mom of 3 I definitely need help remembering. I love that this app syncs to all of my devices- I have it installed on my smartphone, my tablet and my PC. Evernote allows you to store text notes, audio notes, pictures and webpage clips in notebooks. You can have many different notebooks and arrange them how you'd like. Once stored, I can search by keyword or by tag in case I can't remember which notebook I put something in. Right now, I have a notebook for my blog ideas, to-do's, important reference information (hubby & kids clothes/shoes sizes, teacher email addresses, AC filter size, etc.), books I want to read and movies I want to see (we rarely see movies in the theater so I'll put them here when I see a preview I like so I'll remember which ones I wanted to see when I'm at Redbox later). I am also working on a Recipe notebook. I plan to input all of my most used recipes so that I can refer to them if we're out of town and I want to make it or if I'm at the store without a list, etc. If I have a project I'm working on I will start a new notebook just for it. A birthday party, for example, would be it's own notebook and I would have multiple notes within it for decoration ideas, food ideas, invite list, present list (anything the kids tell me they would like goes on their own wish list so I can remember when it comes time to buy them something or when other family members ask me what they would like), etc. There are many tutorials for how to use this app on the web if you do a youtube or google search for Evernote. I am still learning many new ways to make this app work for me.

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If you already use Evernote, let me know your favorite uses for it in the comments!

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