Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apptastic - Cardstar

Image Source: Google Play

If you are serious about saving money when you shop then you more than likely have many customer loyalty cards from various stores and little space to spare in your wallet and/or keychain. Before my smartphone, I had a separate small wallet just for these types of cards however, it was inevitable that when I needed one I didn't have it with me. Enter my wonderful smartphone to save me from this problem with the app named Cardstar. This app uses your phone's camera to scan the barcode on your loyalty/reward and membership cards and stores them for you. It is simple to scan them and it is equally easy to pull them up when you need them. The app will also backup your cards using your email address so that if you have to get a new phone, you won't have to scan all of your cards again. If you have a problem at the register getting it to scan from your phone the cashier may have to use their handheld scanner or if all else fails they can enter your card number manually. I rarely have problems scanning though, I even have success using this app with my Kroger card at the pump! The store/place of business doesn't have to be in their list for you to add your card, either. You can just add it manually. This is what I have done with our library cards and health insurance cards. If the card you have doesn't already have a barcode to scan but has a number only you can still use it too! You just type in the number and Cardstar will make a scanable barcode for it. Another neat feature that I enjoy is that if your card is one from their list of merchants (and there are tons!) then the app will give you coupons and deals. For example, I have my Barnes & Noble member card saved and when I go to it it shows me two deals that are currently going on. Overall this is a handy little app that saves me a lot of valuable space in my wallet and purse! Cardstar is available for FREE on Google Play and at iTunes.

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