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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apptastic: Bible App

I have tried a few different Bible apps that were just simple readers but I finally have found one that gives me a lot more: the Bible app by Logos Bible Software.

Bible by Logos : Images Source
The Logos Bible app has many different translations available for reading and also has a text comparison feature you can use to compare different translations of a verse at a glance (see screenshot below). It also includes many Bible dictionary and commentary options.

My favorite part of this app is definitely the highlighting features. You can highlight by applying different colors, underlines, boxes, and even inductive study markups!

You can download the Logos Bible app for FREE on Android at Google Play or for your Apple devices at iTunes.

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Weekly Goals: 10/1 to 10/7

Image Source

My Weekly Goals: Oct 1st to Oct 7th

Last Week's Goals :

1. Get through AM & PM Routines - Use Daily Sheet
2. Set up & go to appt with urologist
3. Work full-time job (taking off from hair this week... well other than the boys cuts... must do theirs!) - I wound up taking the whole week off from my full time job too and I still haven't cut the boys hair {poor things - sigh... I may just have to pay for their cuts this time}
4. Take all meds like I'm supposed to - I forgot my antibiotic a few times but I never forgot the pain meds LOL
5. DRINK TONS OF WATER!!! I did pretty good with drinking water.. and cranberry juice! I could always use some improvement here though.

THIS WEEK'S GOALS:   I am still struggling with the kidney stones. I have multiple stones in both kidneys. I go tomorrow for ESWL to blast them up. So last week I didn't do much at all and I have about the same planned for this week. My oldest son fell Friday and broke his wrist so that adds a bit more to my schedule then last week. Poor thing, he's right handed and, of course, it is his right that is broken so we've had to help him out quite a bit with things. I'm waiting on the orthopedic to call me back for an appt to get his cast on.

1. Get through AM & PM Routines - Use Daily Sheet
2. Surgery on Tuesday for me
3. Work- playing it by "kidneys" lol
4. Take all meds like I'm supposed to
6. Get Ez's orthopedic appt set up & take him for cast
7. Boys haircuts
8. Plan October's budget
9. Plan Ez's birthday party - in just a few days I will be the mom of a teenager *sniff*

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Make Your Own Printables

Over the last few years I have tried many different planners and calendars, from store-bought to ones I found online. After getting frustrated trying to adapt these to my life, I finally designed my own weekly and daily planner sheets. As promised, I have put together a tutorial to show you how easy it is to make your own.

Some people use PhotoShop or Excel to make their printables but I like to use Open Office's Draw program. It is a free download and is very easy to use. The package also includes a word processing program, a spreadsheet program and others - free alternatives to Microsoft Word, Excel, etc - and they are all great! | Download Here | Once you have downloaded the program and click to open it you will see the following screen.

Click on the button that says "Drawing" to open the Draw program.

1. This is the preview box. It will show your entire document at a glance.
2. This is your working space for your document.
3. This top section houses the command buttons (left to right/top to bottom) to: start a new document, open a document, save your document, export to email, edit, save as pdf, print, manual spell check, auto spell check, cut, copy, paste, format paintbrush, undo, restore, insert chart, insert hyperlink, navigator (if you have multiple slides), zoom, help, style/formatting, lines, arrows, line style, line width, line color, area paint, area paint style, area paint color and shadow.
4. This bottom section houses the command buttons (left to right) to: select, line, line with arrow, rectangle, ellipse, text, curve, connector, lines and arrows, basic shapes, symbol shapes, block arrows, flowcharts, callouts, stars, points, glue points, fontwork gallery, from file, gallery, effects, alignment, arrange and extrusion.

When you open the program it will begin with a new document. To start out making your planner page, you will choose a shape at the bottom for your text box. In the example, I chose the rectangle button. Click on the button and then go back up to your document to draw your shape the size that you would like it to be. If you would like to change the color of the line, the width of the line or if you would like to have the box a certain color you would change that at the top before you start to draw. In the example above, I have the line color set to gray and the area style set to invisible to make an empty box.

In this example, I used the ellipse and set the style as color and blue 9.

After you have your "boxes" the way you want them you can add your text. Your text does not have to be in a box (or circle, scroll, etc.), you can add it directly to the page without one. Any fonts that you have downloaded to your computer will be able to be used on your document. When you add text, the upper commands will change to allow you more options for editing your text. You will be able to change the font size, color, alignment and you can also add a shadow or insert bullets and checkboxes for lists. 

To give you an example of what all you can do with the program, here are pictures of the weekly and daily sheets that I designed.

As you can see, there are many different box style options. You can also add your own images into the document. Play around with all the different options to get it just the way you want. Of course, this can be used to do any type of printables you want to do (ie: use Draw to make flyers or make your own worksheets if you teach/homeschool). I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions that I haven't answered, feel free to send me an email - lslbrk1 (at) gmail (dot) com - and I will be more than happy to help! Have fun creating!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apptastic - MindJet

Image Source: Google Play
I came across MindJet a few days ago and I am really enjoying it. This app is best used on a tablet. There is a bit of a learning curve to get the hang of it and I am still just learning what all it can do. The main purpose of the app is to take notes and brainstorm ideas into mindmaps (like they used to make us do in school). You can start a map from scratch or use one of their templates. There are different styles, colors and features you can use to customize your maps. You can add attachments, links and additional notes to each 'arm' and you can even add little icons or images to them also. I love making my notes pretty! :o)
Image Source: Google Play
The app is integrated with Dropbox and you can export your MindJet files to Evernote so you can access everything on the go. MindJet also has a task feature to organize all of your to-do's and easily prioritize them. The app allows you to connect with other users in order to delegate tasks to them and share your ideas with them. Mindjet is FREE at Google Play and on iTunes. For more help in using the app, check out the company site at MindJet for tutorials.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly Goals - 9/24 to 9/30

Image Source: Google (orig unknown)

My Weekly Goals: Sept. 24th to Sept. 30th

Last Week's Goals : (insert dramatic sigh here) The week before last I had a rough week and didn't get any of my goals done and this past week I also had a rough week and didn't get many done. I procrastinated on most things until the weekend which was a huge mistake as I woke up Saturday AM in severe pain and spent the morning in the ER discovering I have a new kidney stone. Not good. I got through my weekend responsibilities with the help of some pain meds but was not able to tackle anything else on the list.

* Plan & Have a date night with hubby- Hubby & I are so overdue for a date night. This Friday is pay day so I will be lining up a sitter for this Friday or Saturday night asap.
* Cut both boys' hair - Oh dear I really MUST do this this week... they're turning into little Chia pets lol
* Plan & Have a weekly family night- Not a "typical" family night per se but we did have a couple of great nights together as a family this week.
* Start a new book to read to all the kids before bed each night - We decided as a family to have the kids each pick some stories from the Bible that they want to read and discuss together.
* Cleaning - declutter living room - this is a major disaster area right now
* Redo this months budget- Finished just in time to start October's LOL

* Get in at least 4 hrs of overtime- I was only able to get in 2 hrs of OT but hubby clocked in 12 OT
* Schedule hair clients for next week - done
* Plan blog posts for the next two weeks
* Write & Schedule full week of blog posts in advance

* Have daily Prayer & Bible reading time - I did manage some prayer & Bible reading almost every day
* Exercise at least 30 minutes daily - Nope but I did manage to walk quite a bit during my breaks at work so at least it's better than nothing.
* Get to gym at least twice this week for 1 hr session
* Fill out and use Daily Docket each day.- Switched to my daily sheet and loved using it each day.

THIS WEEK'S GOALS: My goals for this week are going to be very basic
1. Get through AM & PM Routines - Use Daily Sheet
2. Set up & go to appt with urologist
3. Work full-time job (taking off from hair this week... well other than the boys cuts... must do theirs!)
4. Take all meds like I'm supposed to

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Weekly Planner Sheet

This is the completed design for my weekly sheet. It will go before my daily sheets as a weekly overview. 

In the boxes for each day I can write down any special appointments or events for that day as well as what we will have for dinner. The main box is a space to record my weekly goals.

Coming Soon: I will be doing a tutorial to show you how easy it is for you to make your own sheets just the way you need them! If you're interested and don't want to miss this upcoming post, be sure to sign up for my email list to get my blog post updates delivered to your inbox!